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Saturday, May 18, 2024
the Son therefore shall make you free.. Jn 8:36

Frontline for Teens

Freedom - Frontline for Teens is the name of our teen group for grades 6 - 12. Teens are on the Frontline of their future whether they know it or not! The decisions they make today affect the rest of their life, both here and now, and at least one decision - for all eternity. We want to equip them to make the decisions they'll be glad they've made here on Earth and also when they stand before God one day.
Frontline is actually 2 groups in one - Middle School and High School! Some activites will be shared. Some, due to their nature and the difference in physical size and maturity level, will be separate. The teen years are hard at best. They are making decisions that affect the rest of their life and often the life or lives of others! They are often, just now being trained for these crucial decisions! Its a scary thought. These are some of the questions we want to help them answer: 
Are you ready to be an adult?                                 
Is life just a joke to you?
Do you know you are a special creation?              
Do you know: There will never be another YOU?
Do you know what's expected of a woman?          
 Do you know what's expected of a man?
Are you learning from the mistakes of others?      
Do your parents have a clue about the real you?
Are you ready to prepare yourself to be a responsible member of your community?
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