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Monday, July 22, 2024
the Son therefore shall make you free.. Jn 8:36

The Pastorate - Our First

We have experienced, first-hand, the "loss" you feel when you come back to CONUS for your next assignment or separate from the military and try to locate a new church. We felt alone in the average civilian church because they've never experienced the closeness that comes from "circling your wagons" whether you're in a different area of the states, or a foreign country, away from your culture, family, friends, language and traditions.
Many stateside churches don't understand the military lifestyle, the challenges and needs of military life and the support you need to help you through the experiences of "another move, deployment, TDY or PCS", or having a baby with your parents unable to be there for your support - especially if your husband is on a remote at the time, etc.   
Upon returning to the states at Hill AFB, Utah, the churches were very formal - everyone was Mr. & Mrs. We couldn't find a close knit church. After a short time, we felt God leading us to start a church. During the last 7 months in the Air Force I was fortunate to help found and pastor Faith Baptist Church of Layton, Utah ( Our base housing on 326 Vampire Street was the first meeting place as we formed our military church next to the base runway! Our living room was the auditorium, our dining room the fellowship hall and our daughter's bedroom was the first nursery! We went from our home, to a mobile home park Club House located just outside Hill's main gate, then we were able to move the church into a storefront with 186 wonderful military, veterans, retirees, etc. before separating from the USAF and leaving to "Sharpen My Sword" at Tennessee Temple University. 
God used that time in base housing to lead our next door neighbor to the Lord while living there. Our friendship has stood the tests of distance, separation and time. We have a lifetime friendship we treasure as we still get together for short visits and talk on the phone often.  Making lifelong friends all around the world is one of the many blessings of a military ministry.
Please Pray for Our Troops and Missionaries Around the World.


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